8/18/22Northwood (Scrimmage)Jerry Burton Stadium – Northwood6:00 PM
8/25/22C.E. Byrd – JamboreeIndependence Stadium7:00 PM
9/1/22LoyolaLee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM
9/8/22CalvaryLee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM
9/16/22@ Union ParishDoc Elliot Stadium – Farmerville7:00 PM
9/22/22@ C.E. ByrdLee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM
9/30/22@ ParkwayPreston Crownover Stadium – Parkway7:00 PM
10/6/22AirlineLee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM
10/14/22Natchitoches CentralLee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM
10/21/22Southwood (Homecoming)Lee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM
10/28/22@ BentonTiger Stadium – Benton7:00 PM
11/4/22Haughton (Senior Night)Lee Hedges Stadium7:00 PM

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On the Radio:

All games are broadcast on 95.7 FM and on the internet at
Tony Taglavore, play-by-play; Jimmy Martin, analyst; Willie Jordan and Lee Hiller, stats

Junior Varsity

8/18/22@Northwood (Scrimmage)Jerry Burton Stadium – Northwood7:00 PM
8/25/22C.E. Byrd – JamboreeIndependence Stadium6:00 PM
9/6/22NorthwoodLee Hedges Stadium5:30 PM
9/12/22@ HaughtonHaughton6:30 PM
9/19/22C.E. ByrdLee Hedges Stadium6:30 PM
9/26/22ParkwayLee Hedges Stadium6:30 PM
10/3/22@ AirlineAirline6:30 PM
10/10/22@ Natchitoches CentralNorthwestern State6:30 PM
10/17/22@ SouthwoodSouthwood6:30 PM
10/24/22BentonLee Hedges Stadium6:00 PM


8/18/22@Northwood (Scrimmage)Jerry Burton Stadium – Northwood6:00 PM
8/25/22C.E. Byrd – JamboreeIndependence Stadium5:00 PM
8/29/22@ LoyolaLoyola5:30 PM
9/6/22@ CalvaryCalvary5:30 PM
9/12/22@ HaughtonHaughton5:30 PM
9/19/22C.E. ByrdLee Hedges Stadium5:30 PM
9/26/22ParkwayLee Hedges Stadium5:30 PM
10/3/22@ AirlineAirline5:30 PM
10/10/22@ Natchitoches CentralNorthwestern State5:30 PM
10/17/22@ SouthwoodSouthwood5:30 PM
10/24/22BentonLee Hedges Stadium5:00 PM