Forms for Student Athletes
Current Required Paperwork Packet (all athletes)
LHSAA Medical Evaluation
LHSAA Parental Permission Form
LHSAA Concussion Statement
LHSAA Acknowledgement of Risk/Parental Release
LHSAA Substance Abuse/Misuse Contract
CPPS Acknowledgement of Risk
CPPS COVID-19 Waiver
CPPS Parental Authorization for Treatment/Waiver of Liability
Shreve Athletic Driving Permission

Student Accident Insurance (optional)
Electrocardiogram Consent Form (testing in fall, see your coach)
Concussion Fact Sheet

Additional Forms for Coaches (Shreve & Caddo)
Emergency Action Plan (generic PDF)
Emergency Action Plan (Word format)
CPPS Student Accident Report
CPPS Professional Leave/Travel Request
CPPS Sexual Misconduct Policy
CPPS Coaches Code
CPPS Coaching Stipend Step Increase Analysis
CPPS Evaluation of Effective High School Coaching
CPPS Request for Coaching Verification
CPPS Non-faculty Coaching Contract
CPPS Non-faculty Coaches Procedures (On-boarding) *updated Spring 2022
CPPS Non-faculty Application (following principal recommendation) * new Fall 2022
CPPS Non-faculty Fingerprinting Process
CPPS School Activity Fund Procedures *new Fall 2022
Booster Club Coaching Contract

Additional Forms for Coaches (LHSAA)
LHSAA Lightning Policy by NFHS *new
LHSAA Residence Eligibility Form *new
LHSAA Concussion Return to Competition Form
LHSAA Coaches Folder Requirements *updated Fall 2022
LHSAA Sports Safety Compliance Checklist *new
LHSAA Scheduling Contract
LHSAA Football Jamboree Sanctioning Application
LHSAA Sports Jamboree Sanctioning Application (non-football)
LHSAA Basketball Tournament Sanctioning Application
LHSAA Sports Tournament Sanctioning Application (non-basketball)

Other Information
District I-5A Bylaws (rev 4-22-22)