Forms for Student Athletes
Current Required Paperwork Packet (all athletes – updated Fall 2023)
LHSAA Medical Evaluation (updated Fall 2023)
LHSAA Parental Permission Form
LHSAA Concussion Statement
LHSAA Acknowledgement of Risk/Parental Release
LHSAA Substance Abuse/Misuse Contract
CPPS Acknowledgement of Risk
CPPS COVID-19 Waiver
CPPS Parental Authorization for Treatment/Waiver of Liability
Shreve Athletic Driving Permission

Student Accident Insurance (optional)
Electrocardiogram Consent Form (testing in fall, see your coach)
Concussion Fact Sheet

Additional Forms for Coaches (Shreve & Caddo)
Emergency Action Plan (generic PDF)
Emergency Action Plan (Word format)
LHSAA Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Chart *new
CPPS Student Accident Report
CPPS Professional Leave/Travel Request
CPPS Sexual Misconduct Policy
CPPS Coaches Code
CPPS Coaching Stipend Step Increase Analysis
CPPS Evaluation of Effective High School Coaching
CPPS Request for Coaching Verification
CPPS Non-faculty Coaching Contract
CPPS Non-faculty Coaches Procedures (On-boarding) *updated Spring 2023
CPPS Non-faculty Application (following principal recommendation)
CPPS Non-faculty Fingerprinting Process
CPPS School Activity Fund Procedures
Booster Club Coaching Contract

Additional Forms for Coaches (LHSAA)
LHSAA Lightning Policy by NFHS
LHSAA Residence Eligibility Form
LHSAA Concussion Return to Competition Form *updated Fall 2023
LHSAA Coaches Folder Requirements *updated Fall 2022
LHSAA Sports Safety Compliance Checklist
LHSAA Scheduling Contract
LHSAA Football Jamboree Sanctioning Application
LHSAA Sports Jamboree Sanctioning Application (non-football)
LHSAA Basketball Tournament Sanctioning Application
LHSAA Sports Tournament Sanctioning Application (non-basketball)

Other Information
District I-5A Bylaws (rev 4-22-22)