Thaddeus Houston played basketball and graduated from Captain Shreve High School. He attended Louisiana Tech University and Southern University in Shreveport majoring in Business Administration.  He is currently employed at UPS where he serves as Wellness Champion on the Safety Committee. Coach Houston is a member at Peaceful Rest Baptist church, where he serves as Youth Director and drummer.

In 2007, his high school basketball coach, Todd Martinez gave him the start to his coaching career as an assistant coach for CSHS Boys Basketball Program. In 2009, Thaddeus made the decision to become the assistant coach for the Girls Basketball Program at Captain Shreve. Coach Houston believes basketball has a great impact on your life.  He uses basketball to help develop real world skills that can be applied to all areas of your life.

Coach Houston and his wife Carmen, have two daughters and two sons: Chez, Aiya, Adyein and Kailob

Did You Know?

Coach Houston while substitute teaching received the name “Coach T”

Coach Houston loves to play the drums and he is learning to play the piano

Coach Houston loves all kinds of music

Coach Houston never wants to hear the words “I Can’t “

Coach Houston loves to rap about Rotel Dip and Dorito Chips

Coach Houston’s favorite color is blue